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Mahalo to the cast and crew for helping me with this surprise. Especially Alex O'Loughlin, John Dove (writer) and Maja Vrvilo (editor)

I invited my girlfriend, Jacqueline to come visit the set while I was directing this episode. I told her that we added a scene and the actress playing Catherine (who is McGarrett's love interest on the show), was being rushed in and that I needed a body while I set up cameras until she got there. I told her she didn't need to memorize the dialogue, but just to stumble thru the words.

We rolled camera without her knowing ......

I didn't have a ring, so I borrowed one from props. I had John Dove our writer, type up some phony sides, saying what McG would say to Catherine, but then changed the words toward the end, to reflect that my other girls, Jasmyn and Jolie would want to be here for this special moment. You'll see Jac's reaction when she hears and sees their names. I was so nervous that I gave her the sides, not realizing she would catch on if she read them, trying to memorize the words. Thank goodness Alex realized this and you'll notice several times he takes them from her, and distracts her until we are ready to "rehearse".

Enjoy ....

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